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Sasha pictured in 1969 holding a Sasha Brunette sidepart Pink Party


Sasha Morgenthaler (1893-1975) was a Swiss artist who started out making small animals and dolls for her children.   She also designed shop mannequins and made exclusive one-of-a-kind original dolls in her studio in Zurich starting in the 1940s with a small team of helpers.   However, she realised that these dolls; whilst they were very beautiful, were works of art and as such were costly and unaffordable for most parents.   So when in 1964/5 she was approached by Gotz of Germany to make Sasha dolls in their factory; she granted them a licence to produce Sasha dolls.    This first Gotz mass-production of Sashas lasted from 1965-70 & for the first three years the dolls were all painted by hand.   In 1966 the Trendon company from the UK were given the licence to produce the Sasha dolls in their factory at Stockport, nr Manchester.   Like the Sashas made by Gotz, the Trendon Sasha  dolls for the first year were mostly hand-painted and for the next  few years there was much hand-finishing of the faces  - especially the eye painting.   Trendon sold the factory and ceased production of  Sasha dolls in 1986.   Gotz then made a second production of Sasha dolls from 1995-2001 when they again ceased production.  The dolls are no longer made and there are no plans at present to produce them again. Although they are no longer being made, Sasha dolls are very collectible and popular all over the world; from the rare studio dolls made by Sasha herself to those made in all three factory productions.   Here are some brief notes on each type of Sasha - plus some examples of dolls from each production, click on the links on the left hand side to see information and pictures: