Poppy the studio doll  has changed her dress for the re-launch of the website.


 Poppy - Type BIII Sasha Studio Doll 1960s


This is Poppy; the featured studio doll for this re-launch of my website.  She is one of my favourite dolls and I often change her clothes since she can look so different depending on her style of outfit. Her original outfit is a white pintucked dress in very fine white cotton in typical Sasha style. I thought I would feature her because she illustrates very well how Sasha could make a doll have many different looks by the way in which they were painted and the clothes they were dressed in.  I think you might almost say this could be the doll that inspired Yamka (pictured below) - from the second production Gotz Sashas  -  there is a definite resemblance I think!

YAMKA - Second Gotz Production


Poppy is a Sasha studio doll type BIII  - which means she has a cloth body and a type III face mould.  Her head is vinyl, with wonderful expressive dark eyes, dramatic quirky eyebrows and a real hair black wig with a wispy fringe which can be worn over the face or pulled back.  Her skin is fairly pale, with a hint of  cheek blush and her lips are dark coral.   I would guess she dates from the late 1960s when Sasha was using this type of vinyl for her studio dolls.    Here is a close-up of  her face so that you can see the wonderful painting; I also want to attach a picture of my brunette no-philthrum Trendon Sasha.  I think that you can see the painter at Trendon really captured the 'look' of the original dolls.  

Close-up of Poppy


Close-up of Brunette No-Philthrum 1966

Eye painting of my 1966 No-Philthrum brunette showing similarities to the studio doll Poppy (above) which was painted by Sasha. Dress by Boneka