Here is a pic of my latest arrival, Hannah Jane. She is a gorgeous NP Blonde Jeans from late 1967/very early 1968 who came with her original wide white box. Her hair style is original, tied with white ribbon and gathered into two bunches. She has a single row of fringe which is mainly still upswept into her other hair, except for a rogue piece which has escaped. She is dressed in navy cord farm pants, white blouse and white sandals with orange soles and still has her plain gold wrist tag. Her eyebrows are painted with feathery strokes which make them look more delicate than the earlier dolls and her eyes are painted in a very controlled manner with 4/5 eyelashes on each side. Her lips are still a bright coral with no fading, she is probably one of the last NPs to be made before the face mould was changed in 1968. Hope you enjoy the pictures!